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Grief & Loss center

Coming Soon - June 2020

"Unless we mourn properly our hurts, our losses, life's unfairness,  our shattered dreams, ... and all the life that we once had but that  has now passed us by, we will believe either in an unhealthy fantasy or  an ever-intensifying bitterness." -Holy Longing

We have a choice: we can spend the rest of our lives angry, trying  to protect ourselves against something that has already happened to us,  death and unfairness, or we can grieve our losses, abuses and deaths  and, through that, eventually attain the joy and delights that are in  fat possible for us.

For now the Grief & Loss Center is virtual. We will start  offering grief & loss counseling, and support groups in June. Our  facilitators, pastors, chaplains and counselors are trained in grief and  loss.

Most insurances accepted as well as sliding fees scale.

Watch for more information over the coming weeks!